Tattoo School:

As of 2020, we have re-vamped our courses, and now offer a wide variety of training options, to suit all levels of skill, budgets, and schedules. Here are the current class options for 2022:


• This is the best option for anyone just starting out, with little to no experience, or anyone that’s been dabbling in tattooing for 1 year or less. We start from the ground up, training you “the RIGHT way,” ensuring you do safe, clean tattoos that will stand the test of time. This course runs for 4 weeks, Thursday to Sunday, and covers all the fundamental tattoo basics, as well as 1 week of “shadowing” (observing live tattooing on human clients), and 2 weeks of YOU tattooing on clients in the studio, so you’ll leave us with a nice portfolio too! Included with the course is a full tattoo kit, that’s your to keep, that includes everything you’ll need to keep tattooing after you finish the course, and consists of PROFESSIONAL level tools that will last you for years. The cost of this course is $5000 inclusive for this 1 month course.


• Shadowing is essentially just what it sounds like, you’re looking over the shoulder of the artist, watching the entire tattoo process from start to finish. You’re able to ask all the questions you may have about any/all aspects of tattooing, and get the answers you’ve been searching for. Taking video/pictures is allowed and encouraged, to help you capture the exact techniques, and help you remember what you learned. Shadowing is a 1 week course, and the cost is $2000 inclusive. *No kit or supplies are included in this course*


• The tattoo “crash course” is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a quick and dirty run through all and any aspects of tattooing, for anyone on a budget, with limited time, or has some experience, and wants to expand upon their skills. We go through all the basics, and demonstrate a tattoo on a live model, as well as some work on practice pads, so brand new artists will gain a rudimentary skillset, and experienced artists will leave with a broader understanding of tattooing in general. The crash course is 3 days, and the cost of the course is $1200 inclusive. *No kit or supplies are included in this course*


Also new to 2022 are some ADD-ON courses, that can be added to ANY course we offer, or can be taken as standalone courses for artists of all experience levels that need a little extra training in any area. All add-on courses are 1 day of training, and are $250 inclusive. Here are the list of ADD-ON courses available:

Coil machine training

• This course teaches you everything you’d need to know about tattooing with coil tattoo machines. We go through machine tuning, maintenance, repair/modification, setup, theory, and much more. People taking this course will leave fully capable of tattooing with, and maintaining their coil tattoo machines.

Tattoo art 101

• In this course, we go through the basics of tattoo art. From drawing the most basic tattoo flash, to drawing right onto the body, we cover it all. You’ll learn basic art theory, as well as modern tattoo art, and how to design good tattoos for your clients. No previous art experience is necessary, everything needed is supplied in class.

Tattoo software/computer basics

• In this class, you’ll learn all the basics you’ll need to know to design your tattoo art on a pc based computer/laptop/tablet, and turn your artwork into a proper, usable tattoo stencil. We focus on Adobe Photoshop, and MS word, as well as MS paint. We also go through some computer basics, showing you how to alter file properties, and make sure you’re able to properly convert downloaded files, so that you may open and manipulate them in the applications you need to work with.

Realism tattooing

• This class is designed for more experienced artists, or students who have successfully completed our full instructional course. In this 1 day add-on, you’ll learn the essential basics of how to realistically recreate art onto human skin. From animal & human forms, to landscapes and any other real life objects, bringing them to virtual life on the skin. This class will surely elevate your tattooing abilities to the next level!

Stylistic tattooing

• In this add-on course, you’ll learn all the nuances of different tattoo styles. From Japanese, Newschool, Realism, Fineline, Smooth black & grey, American traditional, we’ll cover them all. Learn the “rules” of each style, as well as the techniques needed to execute them.