Tattoo Aftercare

Following your tattoo:

• Following your tattoo, an application of ointment and a dressing or wrap will be applied. This helps to seal the tattoo from any cross contamination, and airborne bacteria.

• Remove dressing/wrap after a minimum of 1 hour, then wash (not scrub) your tattoo. Wash hands first, then tattoo, with hot, soapy water (preferably glycerin or antibacterial soap with no fragrance), rinse with warm water. (repeat process a second time)

• Follow up with cold water (to help seal pores, and promote speedy healing), and gently PAT dry with a soft, lint free towel.

What to avoid after your tattoo:

• Avoid long baths or showers for the first 2 weeks. NEVER submerge the tattoo in water for more than a few seconds, and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

• Swimming during the healing process, either in open water, or a pool is NEVER acceptable.


Tattoo Cream:

• Apply a thin layer of approved moisturizing cream, once or twice daily to maintain colors, prevent scabbing, and promote healing.

Recommended aftercare products are: REDEMPTION, Tattoo Goo, H2Ocean, Unscented Lubriderm, or other UNSCENTED lotions that contain NO ALCOHOL. (Cetyl alcohol is ok, as long as it’s not one of the first few ingredients. Lotions with Isopropyl alcohol, or simply “alcohol” on the ingredients list, should be avoided)

DO NOT USE – Neosporin, Polysporin, Vaseline, Bactracin, Bactroban, Rubbing Alcohol, Iodine, Bactine or Hydrogen Peroxide – These products may impair healing and cause color loss.

How long does it take a tattoo to heal?

• New tattoos normally heal on 1 to 3 weeks but can take up to 2 months depending on the site, aftercare, skin type, etc.

While your tattoo heals:

• If you experience a second flaking, applying additional moisturizing lotion will help to keep it moist, and aid in healing.

• Healing skin is often itchy. Gently pat or apply a small amount of pressure to the tattooed area, it will help dissipate the itch. Occasionally a scab will form. Do not pick or scratch the tattoo, as that will create a secondary scab which may cause ink loss.

• Avoid exposing your new tattoo to direct sunlight and avoid tanning beds. Your new tattoo can burn in as little as 5 minutes which can result in excessive scabbing, prolonged healing time and cause discomfort, and/or pain. After your tattoo is fully healed, we recommend using sunblock, when exposing the tattooed area to sunlight, to maintain optimal color, and prevent fading.


• No sun or chlorinated water on your new tattoo until it’s fully healed. Peeling skin is normal. Don’t pick or scratch. Avoid harsh cleansers or creams. Always use sunblock on your healed tattoos. Direct sunlight will eventually fade your tattoo. If you are not sure how your tattoo is healing, feel free to call or email anytime. These aftercare instructions will help you maintain a crisp, bright tattoo.


• Sometimes, even a well cared for tattoo may require touchups. Touchups apply to an area that has not healed well, needs more ink, or has minor imperfections. This will be provided free of charge (at the discretion of the artist) as long as you have followed all the aftercare instructions, and return to see your artist within 90 days after your tattoo appointment.

If you have any other questions or concerns, call or email the shop, and ask for the artist that did your tattoo. We are here to help you. Thanks!