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CJ’s Robin Tattoo Repair

CJ’s Robin Tattoo Repair
November 7, 2016 admin

CJ robin tattoo repair, memorial tattoo

CJ came into the shop wanting her tattoo re-worked and livened up.  The original tattoo, wasn’t done at Revolution Ink.  It was in pretty bad shape, and she hated even looking at it, so the pressure was on to make some magic happen.  She was looking to have the tattoo fixed, rather than getting a cover-up, as it was a memorial to her grandmother.

One of the main things the tattoo needed was definition.  The before picture on bottom left shows extremely choppy, blown-out lines, VERY poor shading, and badly saturated color. It was hard to make out any details of the tattoo, especially the wings, not to mention “Gramma” wasn’t spelled correctly. (The ULTIMATE tattoo sin!)

In the after picture on the bottom right, highlights have been added and you can now see definition in the wings, and bird in general.  The incorrect script has been covered, and the colors brightened. There is still a small amount of work to be done on it, but her skin was done for the day. We decided to finish up in a few weeks, rather than cause the skin undue trauma, like the previous “artist” did originally.

We were very happy to see CJ leave smiling with a memorial fitting to her memory of her grandmother.  She now has a tattoo she’ll be proud to show off…..